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Bath Middle School

It is getting warmer outside! Please revise the dress code from the student handbook below!


The administration of Bath Schools recognizes that training in responsible decision making requires that students become involved in the decision making process, especially in the areas that effect them directly.  The clothing that a student wears to school is an area of decision making on the part of our students, and the administration will not become involved in the matter of dress unless an individual student exercises extremely poor judgment in his/her mode of dress, that is that the dress interferes with the learning process or constitutes a hazard to the student or others. Good judgment would indicate that see-through clothing, hats, bare feet, bare midriffs, soiled or torn clothing, chains, spike bracelets, clothing with offensive slogans or commercial messages are not acceptable for school attire. Tank tops are not permitted. Sleeveless tops for young ladies must cover at least 3 inches of the shoulder. The sagging of pants is not acceptable.  Shorts may be worn to school provided they are not cut-offs and the length of the shorts and skirts exceed the placement of the fingertips on the thighs when arms are dropped in a natural position.