5th Grade Quiz  Bowl

5th Grade Quiz Bowl

The Bath 5th Grade Quiz Bowl came in third!!!



Do you watch Jeopardy?  Do you play trivia crack?  Do you play trivial pursuit? Can you answer these trivia questions?  Who invented the traffic light?  What century did King Henry VIII rule?  What are the three agents of erosion?  Who wrote the Little House on the Prairie series?  What is the capital of Vermont?  When did Ohio become a state?   Name the Great Lakes.  Where is the Cumberland Gap?  Where did Davy Crockett die? What artist is known for his blue period?  What does www stand for?  What section of a symphony would you find a French horn? What is the square root of 49 plus 10? 

If so, quiz bowl may interest you!
Members of the 2017-2018 fifth grade quiz bowl team have been selected.  Fifth grade students interested in being a quiz bowl member took a qualifying test after school on November 14.  Students were informed of their individual results a day later.  Practices are after school in Coach Wiedenbein’s classroom.  Trivia games, research, dry erase board rounds, buzzer rounds and procedures are components of the practice sessions.  Thank you goes to the PTS for funding a resource for potential questions.  Meets are in late January and early February at Shawnee Middle School.

All Practices are from 2:30 - 3:30

If school is cancelled, practice is cancelled.
If school is delayed, we still have practice.
If Mrs. Wiedenbein is absent, practice is cancelled. 


Quiz Bowl Meets are at 4:30 at Shawnee.